What good music does for the soul

Guest conductor Hu Bing Xu, one of the most outstanding conductors in the Chinese music fraternity

It makes you want to cry. It makes you smile. It makes you want to quickly record down your thoughts about it before memories become fuzzy. It makes you feel younger by at least 10 years. These are the effects of good music, and today I was fortunate to hear one.  “Capriccio” (时空随想) was truly one of the best performances I have heard in a long while from the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO).

Conducted by guest conductor Hu Bing Xu (胡炳旭), the music director and principal conductor of the Guangdong Chinese Orchestra, the 100-minute concert featured a meaty offering of six songs. This was my first time watching Conductor Hu work his magic, but he makes such a difference to the performance of the orchestra as compared to SCO’s music director Tsung Yeh (叶聪).
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