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Thoughts about Rinko Kawauchi’s exhibition in Daegu Photo Biennale

I take my chance of a little breather this weekend from the Singapore International Photography Festival, to reflect on my experience at the 4th Daegu Photo Biennale, which ended its month-long run recently on October 28, 2012.

My recount would unfold in 3 parts: first by casting a broad perspective of the main exhibitions against the backdrop of South Korean contemporary photography, second by zooming in onto Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi’s solo showcase, and then ending off with a personal observation comparing emerging artists featured in DPB and SIPF. Ideally the writings should be published and read in that order but I chose to turn against that rational sequence. Forgive me – the anxiety and impulse to capture Rinko’s iridescent and effervescent images in words is far too hard to quell. I’m just afraid if I leave them to later, they might disappear.

In my sleep. Lost between the worlds of the conscious and unconscious.
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